For your business meetings, negotiations, presentations, or conferences, we can provide qualified interpreters with many years of experience to ensure that your event is a total success. We employ consecutive and simultaneous interpreters, as well as sworn court interpreters.

You can also rent all the equipment interpreters need from us, including booths, wireless microphones and headphones, lecterns, etc. We can also provide you with any other equipment you may need – stages, LCD projectors, speaker systems, and much more – to complement your in-house technology. Our specialists will personally deliver this equipment, assemble it and set it up, operate it, and disassemble and remove it afterwards. Upon request, we will also be happy to plan and organize your entire conference or other event for you.

If your conference requires simultaneous translation, we'd like to point out that interpreters always work in pairs and cannot be hired individually.

This is to ensure that no word spoken gets lost in translation if one of the interpreters cannot immediately think of the correct term in the target language, and also because interpreting is extremely exhausting work requiring that the interpreter speaking and the backup interpreter frequently switch roles.