Other Services


We will have your original documents edited by native speakers of the target language. These qualified specialists will double check your text for possible mistakes in grammar, spelling, hyphenation, terminology and/or style.

Converting the spoken word to written text

Sometimes it is necessary to convert the spoken word (such as recorded interviews or videos) from auditory or audiovisual into written form. Our native speakers will transcribe your video or sound recordings into your desired file format.


If you need to have a written text (for example, company names or product names) transcribed into a typescript that differs from the original (for instance, from the Roman alphabet into the Cyrillic), we will be glad to help you out. One frequent example where this service is required is for localizing trade show catalogs; another example would be adjusting Western business cards for use in Asia.


We'll help you optimize your workflow:
If paper is still being used where work could easily be digitized; if different departments are duplicating the same work; if your staff have to do translations themselves while the competitors keep moving forward... 

We'll help you save time:
When you need large volumes of text translated, or when you need to plan projects involving the production of multilingual media. We can advise you when it would be more efficient to outsource work in the areas of translation, documentation, media production, and archiving. You will therefore have more time to concentrate on your core business.

We'll help you avoid errors:
When you are looking for the right translation specialist. We'll save your time and money, and make sure you get the best possible quality!